Rurdaksh is a sanskrit compound consisting of a name Rudra [shiva} aksha [eyes}


Rudraksh mala is mostly uses in chanting name and wearing .there are 14 types of rudrakh mainly .According to planet and there zodiac sign its give great result in all prospect after wearing.

Aries-is ruled by planet mars. Teen mukhi rudraksh is suitable for aries people.

Taurus– is ruled by planet Venus. cheeh mukhi rudraksh is beneficial for taurus people.

Gemini-is ruled by planet mercury. Gemini people can ger benefits from chaar mukhi duraksha.

Cancer-is ruled by mukhi rudraksh is suitable and beneficial for cancerians.

Leo– is ruled by sun ek mukhi and barah mukhu rudraksh are beneficial for leo people.

Virgo– is ruled byplanet mercury .chaar mukhi rudrkash is beneficial for virgo people.

Libra– is ruled by planet venus .chheh mukhi rudraksh and terah mukhi rudraksha are suitable for libra people.

Scorpio– is ruled by planet mars .teen mukhi rudraksh is suitable for scorpions.

Sagittarius-is ruled by planet jupiter.paanch mukhi  rudaksh is suitable for sagitarius.

Capricorn-is ruled by planet saturn .saat mukhi rudraksh and chaudah mukhi rudraksha are beneficial for the people who belong to capricorn sign.

Aquarius– is ruled by saturn.saat and chaudah mukhi rudaksh are  considered beneficial for aquarians.

Pisces– is ruled by jupiter.paanch mukhi rudraksh is suitable for pisces.


For rahu-ketu

For rahu aath mukhi rudraksh

And for ketu nau mukhi rudraksh


One mukhi rudraksh is swaroop of himself lord shiva wearing one mukhi rudraksh in heart problem lack of concentration, negative thinking, eye problem and in depression.

Second mukhi is ardhnareshwar swaroop lord shiv and parvati this rudraksh wear for the treatment chronic asthma .mood swing,intestinal disorder.

Third mukhi is agni swaroop th is rudraksh is the best medicine for diseases like blood pressure, heart problem, jaundice..

Four mukhi is bhrama swaroop rudraksha used in avoid confusion and hesitation and diseases like blood circulation,memoryloss,.

Fifth mukhi is lord shiv panchana swaroop used in diseases anger management ,diabetics,piles ,neurotic .

Six mukhi rudraksha is skanda swaroop used for specially children and student for eduction prospect and diseases like epillepsy ,gynecological problem.

Seven mukhi rudraksha sapt rishi swaroop  wear in food related diseases ,aches etc.

Eight mukhi rudraksha is form of lord ganpati helps in skin related problem anxiety.

Nine mukhi rudraksha is form of lord bhairav used in treatment of mysterious medical medicine and strange diseases.

Ten mukhi rudraksha is form of lord vishnu use in hormonal inequality in the body and cough related problem.

Eleven mukhi rudraksha used in treatment of liver disease ,body pain.

Twelve mukhi rudraksha is used in bone diseases ,anxiety .

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha  is used in muscle related problem.

Fourteen mukhi rudraksha is used in brain related problem


People suffering for kaalsarp yog , sarpa dosh ,naag dosh wearing of seven mukhi rudraksha helps in progress.


Delayed in marriage– wearing of gauri ganesh rudraksha helps people facing such problem.


Vish dosh–  people suffering from vish dosh in chart wear panchmukhi rudraksha or rudraksha mala .


Chaandal dosh– wearing of  fourteen mukhi or eight mukhi rudraksha helps to avoid negative aspect of this yog.


Maanglik or angarak dosh– after wearing rudraksha of second mukhi or thirteen mukhi overcome with negative result of such yog in chart.


Courtcase and enemy– for avoiding courtcase and win over enemy wearing of nine mukhi rudraksha give great result.


Pitra dosh– people suffering for pitra dosh in chart wear seven mukhi rudraksha or rudraksha mala for avoiding hurdle in life .