Rituals performed by Master Deepak Ji 

Kaal Sarp Yoga (Dosh Shanti)

Kaal Sarp Yog os one of the most dreaded and fearsome yog in astrology, in fact Kaal Sarp is considered as dosh i.e bad combination in one’ s birth chart, Kaal Sarp Yog or Sarp Dosh, Naagdosh, is constituted when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu in ones kundali of borth chart. Kaal in hindi means death whereas Sarpa means serpandt or snake. Rahu and Ketu are considered serpent in astrology and hence when all planets of a kundli falls between these two planets, it it considered as Kaal Sarp Yog, there are 12 types of Kaal Sarp Yog.

  • Anant
  • Kulik
  • Vasuki
  • Shankpal
  • Padma
  • Mahapadma
  • Takshak
  • Karkotak
  • Shankchud
  • Patak
  • Vishkt
  • Sheshnaag

Kaalsarp dosh

Ritual performing muhurta are panchmi both paksha ,aslesha nakshatra ,amabasya tithi ,and rahu ,ketu nakshatra .


Chaandal yog (Guru Rahu)

Guru chandal yoga – is yoga is formed when jupiter and rahu occupy the same sign,the life of the individual is effected due to the combined qualities of jupiter and rahu.the individual deviates from what is considered moral,right ,proper or good.the desirable and positive qualities or undesirable and negative results will depend on benefic or malefic position of jupiter in the horoscope.the outcomes or guru chandaal yog also depends upon the house in which this yoga is formed.


Muhurata for shanti

Gurupusya nakshatra ,thursday or jupiter nakshatra  punarvasu, visakha,poorvabhadrapad


Pitra Dosh

Manes are known as pitra in hindi.pitra are those people who diesd unnatural death and didnot get salvation .and such people expect ritual to free from sin.

How  it forms and decide in chart

The ninth house is the house of fortune in the birth chart. From this house we see father and manes.if sun and rahu form conjunction in this house then pitra dosh in formed in the birth chart and position of rahu in second ,fifth ,twelth  and ninth house is effected with rahu is pitra dosh in chart.symptoms of pitra dosh in chart is find when unnatural death or it happens manay times,and fire in kitchen and house happened few time..



Vishunshastranaam path,bhagvaat puran saptah anusthan ,tarpan {offering water  and milk} pinddaan,narayan naagbali ,

Tripindi shradh


Chaudas ,amabasya krishan paksha ,magha nakshatra are best muhurta for pitra dosh shanti

Vish dosh shanti

Vish yoga is formed when saturn and moon are together or when saturn aspects moon is not a good yoga .effect potential of person and gives hesitation and confusion in evry work.

Muhurta for shanti

Monday ,sompradosh


Maanglik dosh-angarak dosh

In india vedic marriage scenario gives utmost importance to mangal dosh.,kuja dosha,,manglik dosha,.they are different named variants of one astrological combination where mars is in the ascendent 1st house or in th fourth ,7th ,8th or 12th house of the vedic astrology chart.kuja dosha leads to delay and obstacles in marriages hence it is advised for both partners to be having similat kuja dosha fora a peaceful married life.


Angarak dosh

Combination or rahu -mars gives angarak dosh in chart which give short temper in nature,sudden accident .

,muhurta for ritual

Tuesday ,angarak chaturthi,bhompradosh or mars constellation mrigshira,chitra and dhanistha


Grahan dosh

When in any individuals horoscope sun or moon are in conjunction with rahu  or ketu in any house it is known as permanent grahan dosh in ones kundli.rahu and ketu being a shadow planets having great force or effect acts as a mighty ecliptor which decreases the favourable or beneficent influence of planet sun and moon..


Surya grahan dosh 

When surya combinae with rahu in chart or,surya combine with ketu is surya grahan dosh


Chandra Grahan dosh

When moon combine with rahu or moon combine with ketu is chandra grahan dosh

Muhurta performing ritual

Monday ,sunday or native birth constellation


Navgraha shanti

There are 9 planet in astrology all have malefic and benefic effect in chart for avoiding obstacle in life and for attaining growth there are ritual according to each planet

  1. navgraha shanti homma
  2. there jap {recite or chanting name according to there count}
  3. vedic jap anusthan for malefic debilated planet

Rudraabhisekh and mahamritunjay jap anusthan

Abhisekha priya shiva

For prosperity ,longetivity ,and fullfillment of all needs and avoidance of disease and accident there is mahamritunjay jap anusthan pujan and rudraabhisekh


Sompradosh ,shivratri ,monday