Lal Kitab

Lal kitab is famous for it’s easy to follow remedies, prayers and chanting of mantras. Some it them may look outdated in the modern times, but that is the way teh ancient prescriptions were in the parashar school, stress is on japa, tapa, mantra, and yantra, etc. The lal kitaab has simpler solutions which revolver around temples and its deities. The nine planets are ruled by the nine corresponding gods. sun is vishnu, moon is shiva, mars is hanuman, jupiter is bhramana, venus is laxmi, mercury is durga, rahu is saraswati and ketu is ganesha.

There are several pictures of hindus gods and goddesses in the book, on several pages the text is on the pictures, it is called lal kitaab not because its red in colour but, according to the author ,” amongst the books it is the ‘ the red one’ or the importance one.

What Is Lal Kitab?

Laal kitab is a set of five books which was written in 1939-1952 by pt. Roop chand joshi. It was written in urdu as that was the common language at that point of time. However, lal kitab in hindi is also available these days. Lal kitab in hindi is not the translation but the transliteration of the urdu version of the book. Though there are a lot of other stories about the origin of laal kitab yet, none of them hold any truth when factually analyzed. According to pt. Roop chand joshi, one night he dreamt that a divine power taught him the remedies of lal kitab. The divine text was narrated to him by an unknown and invisible power. The next day he penned all that he dreamt about, and lal kitab came into existence. Lal kitab remedies which it contained became instantly popular.

The life which we lead today takes us far away from the truth and reality. We fake our happiness and pretend that we are fine and strong. But the truth is that we are hollow from within. Fighting the troubles we feel burdened and exhausted. Laal kitab remedies are divine blessings which help us get out of the sea of problems. Don’t you want a simpler and less demanding way to erase troubles that have been haunting you for so long? Would you mind seeking a little help? Lal kitab provides the much needed help.

Lal kitab is nothing but a set of simple and realistic remedies which helps people to get out of their big and small troubles. These lal kitab remedies have so far benefitted many people. It combines palmistry with vedic astrology  under the guidance of  Master Deepak Ji to come up with a set of remedies which bring effective changes in your life.

Laal kitab contains exceptionally practical and effective remedial measures which help the negativity within us to diminish. Also these methods are very realistic, convenient and economical. It does not change you or your life in one day but with patience and faith you will see that these lal kitab remedies do work. You will be saved from the ordeal to conduct long and tiring pooja sessions, which besides being time consuming are expensive as well. Also it is interesting to know that these lal kitab remedies are purely self defensive in nature. They only act against the evil forces which surround you and do not harm any person. Lal kitab provides solutions to practically all problems, tensions and anxieties which we face in our day to day life.

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