So, what is astrology exactly? Everybody heard of it. just take a look in any popular newspaper or magazine and you will certainly find some sort of” horoscope” within its pages. For serious people, it’s almost considered indecent to have any interest in astrology. That kind of stuff is for non-educated and superstitious people who are ready to believe in just about anything. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? this sort of opinion is very common in our pragmatic times .but how it could be then that the greatest minds of the past, whose findings, ideas, and illuminations make the foundations of contemporary science, were actually devoted vedic astrologers like Master deepak ji? They used astrology in their research and many ot hem have written the whole books on astrology would be impossible to list them all because before the 17th century astrology was an inseparable parte of higher education. However, here is sampling of a few:

Vedic astrology

Today we can work with western astrology, Vedic astrology which is more popular in India, classical, traditional, Mayan, Chinese, Korean and more. But let’s go through all the branches of application.

Karmic / esoteric astrology focuses on the more spiritual side of interpretation and insights.

Horary astrology is the branch of answering specific questions and finding lost items.

Evectional astrology is that of searching the sky for the most propitious time to begin an event, such as opening a business or buying a car or getting married.

Rectification is the branch to rectify a birth chart for a person who does not know the time was born.

Mundane astrology is a branch that covers political events, wars countries and global changes.

Humanistic astrology is what we know primarily practice in the west. some refer to this as astrological ‘readings: to assist people who want personal awareness, knowledge of their patterns, karmic issues ,strengths, weaknesses and predictions for their future.

Financial astrology or astro economics is a very recognized branch today used by many stock brokers on Wall Street.

Medical astrology has grown to greater popularity at this time for both people and pets. Diet, herbs, and remedies also fall under this heading.


What is Sun Sign?

Sun at the time of one’s birth will be positions in on to the 12 zodiac signs and the sign where the sun was positioned becomes the person’s sun sign. Each of the signs is ruled by a planet and support a specific set of qualities and characteristics. When a person is born under a sign he/she automatically acquires the qualities of that specific sign that defines the appearance and mannerisms of that person.

What is Moon Sign?

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac is the sign of the lion. The planetary rulers for Leo are sun. Every year, sun enters Leo and stays there from august 17th to 16th Sep. This period is a time for celebration, connecting to the energies of the sun can make one independent of thought and behaviour, self confident, radiant creative and determined.